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The Latest Bathroom Pod Innovation from Offsite Solutions Offers Major Benefits for Modular Housing

The new floorless GRP bathroom and shower pods from Offsite Solutions are an ideal solution for modular buildings.

Fully finished bathrooms can be transported from the Offsite Solutions pod factory and installed offsite in the modular building before the entire scheme is erected on site in just a few days.

Bathrooms are one of the most complex areas of an apartment or residential unit to construct, with a number of interfaces, range of materials and trades working in a confined area which can be time consuming and resource intensive.

Offsite Solutions can supply completed bathroom pods to remove the need for this work and free up resources to focus on the delivery of the building modules to site.

The use of modular bathroom pods for offsite residential developments allows the manufacturer and the client to reap all the benefits of offsite construction – faster programme times, significantly enhanced quality and it avoids the need for multiple trades working in a modular building factory.

The approach takes parallel working to a completely new level – the bathrooms are fitted out while the building structure is manufactured offsite and the foundations are put in place on site.

The floorless option suits offsite residential schemes very well, allowing continuous level floors throughout each apartment or studio and without the need for a floor recess. Applications include student accommodation, affordable housing and build-to-rent.

Offsite Solutions' GRP pods also have lower capital costs than steel-framed pods and are robust and low maintenance – a highly efficient solution for the rental sector.

Read more about floorless pods for modular construction here.

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