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Offsite Solutions Launches New Range of Design Options for Build-to-rent Bathrooms

Offsite Solutions, the UK’s leading bathroom pod manufacturer, has developed a new range of finishes for its GRP pod solutions for build-to-rent developments.

The design options available for Offsite Solutions’ highly successful range of GRP composite pods has been expanded to five tile-effect finishes. This widens the scope of factory-finished GRP shower rooms and bathrooms for the private rental sector, which can now feature up to two of the following finishes:

  • Mosaic
  • Square
  • Larger format landscape or vertical
  • Brick-bond metro tiles.

These tile-effect finishes are all integral to the pod carcase and so avoid the need for grout and tiles in the wet areas. This innovative but proven solution radically reduces ongoing maintenance over the life of the bathroom. GRP pods can therefore reduce the operating costs for serviced apartment schemes by at least 90 per cent compared to in-situ built bathrooms.

The capital costs of GRP pods can be up to 20 per cent less than steel-framed pod solutions, helping developers and apartment operators to meet their budget requirements as well as reduce maintenance costs.

According to James Stephens, Managing Director of Offsite Solutions, “These tile-effect finishes take the aesthetic appearance of GRP pods to a completely new level, giving architects, contractors and developers even more design flexibility, in addition to the speed, quality, and efficiency benefits of offsite manufacturing. We also offer a floorless option for these pods which minimises floor build-up – an important feature for achieving a level threshold into the bathrooms.”

“These elements, together with the significantly reduced operating and capital costs, make GRP bath and shower pods a really compelling offer for build-to-rent (BTR) developers and investors.”

Offsite Solutions’ GRP pods have been widely used in the student living sector for many years where robustness, longevity, ease of maintenance and lower capital and operating costs are primary considerations. Orders and enquiries for these pods have been increasing year-on-year in the fast-growing build-to-rent sector – and in response, Offsite Solutions has expanded its range of options.

Life cycle costing is very important for residential developers and BTR operators. Offsite Solutions’ GRP pods have a life of at least 50 years and so offer significant life cycle cost benefits for private rental schemes.

As a material, GRP has low environmental impact. It is light to transport, strong, highly durable, and requires much less energy to produce than steel or concrete. It is also 100 per cent recyclable.

Offsite Solutions’ design team will collaborate with developers at the inception of a project to engineer a bespoke GRP pod solution to meet the precise specification and budgetary requirements for a BTR brand. The bath or shower pods can then be rolled out on multiple schemes, generating additional cost savings and delivering all the benefits of standardisation whilst achieving a strong aesthetic and marketing appeal.

Offsite Solutions is the only pod specialist in the UK to offer panelised GRP pod technology. This solution ensures vertical walls and 90° corners, avoiding the tapered walls which you have with pods created from single GRP moulds. Its pods have enhanced aesthetics and allow easier integration, such as the use of standard door sets, to avoid further work on site.

As with all Offsite Solutions’ pods, the bathrooms are delivered to site fully finished with the shower cubicle or bath with overhead shower, toilet, basin, cabinetry and fittings such as towel rail, lighting, mirror and vanity shelf all pre-installed to factory standards.

Offsite Solutions offers the UK’s largest range of pods to suit different building types and applications. In addition to its GRP solutions, it offers steel-framed bath and shower pods with porcelain-tiled finishes for high-end apartments, build-to-rent, student residences and hotels. It has also developed steel-framed utility pods for apartments or studios for build-to-rent or build-to-sell developments.

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