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Offsite Solutions Wins Award Commendation for its Latest Innovation in Bathroom Pod Construction

Offsite Solutions, the UK’s leading bathroom pod manufacturer, has received an industry award commendation at this year’s Offsite Construction Awards for its latest innovation – demountable bathroom pods.

This advancement in bathroom pod technology, developed for buildings with restricted access, was highly commended in the Product Innovation of the Year category.

The Offsite Construction Awards celebrate the best in precision building design and delivery, rewarding outstanding examples of prefabrication and factory-based products and systems, which are helping to create a better built environment – more sustainably, cost effectively, and with greater efficiency.

Commenting on the award commendation, James Stephens, Managing Director of Offsite Solutions, said, “We were delighted to receive this latest accolade. It is fantastic to have such recognition from our industry for our commitment to design and innovation. We are continually pushing the boundaries to improve the efficiency of bathroom construction for our customers. Bathroom pods had previously been limited to new build. The development of our demountable solution has expanded the application of offsite to refurbishment and conversion projects.”

Demountable bathroom pods radically reduce work on site, and offer the superior and consistent quality of factory-built bathrooms. Eight GRP pods can be reassembled on site in just one day with a three-person team. This compares to site-built bathrooms on a typical scheme, which can take 6-12 weeks to complete requiring up to 15 different trades and a high level of site management and supervision.

In refurbishment and conversion projects, the only access may be through the window openings of an existing building – or internally via the main entrance and stairwells – and this may not be sufficient for a full-sized pod. The panel sizes of a demountable pod are specially designed to ensure full access is achievable.

Now available in the complete range of GRP bathroom designs from Offsite Solutions, the demountable option has a unique sectional design where the shower tray forms part of the floor and the wall panels create the shower enclosure. Holes for sanitaryware are pre-drilled and only the shower door is then installed on site. The pod walls are completely vertical with 90° corners – unlike pods created from complete GRP moulds which have tapered walls – so integration is very simple. 

Around 1,500 of Offsite Solutions’ GRP demountable pods have already been installed. Applications include student residences, military accommodation, hotels, apartments, care homes, and hospitals – both new build and refurbishment projects.

Offsite Solutions offers a comprehensive and expanding range of bathroom pods to suit different building types and applications. Options include steel-framed pods with traditional tiled finishes for high-end apartments, student residences and hotels; robust and low maintenance GRP composite pods for student accommodation, care homes, social housing and healthcare, and hybrid pods for specialist projects.

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