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Revitalise Service Housing with Military Bathroom Pods

Offsite Solutions is a market leader in bathroom pod design and manufacturing. We provide prefabricated bathroom and shower pods for a range of sectors including student accommodation and healthcare. Another one of our areas of expertise is  supplying military bathroom pods for a variety of projects across the UK.

Bathroom Pods for Military Housing Projects

Refurbishing thousands of occupied homes can be a logistical nightmare. Contractors need to consider the quickest possible way to renovate military housing with the least amount of disruption to service personnel and their families. New military housing should also be constructed quickly in order to reduce disturbance to the daily lives of those living nearby.

This is where Offsite Solutions can offer the best solution on the market today. Military bathroom pods are the answer to any refurbishment or new-build project. We can supply fully assembled bathrooms from our dedicated factories or even create demountable bathroom pods, a new innovation from Offsite Solutions.

Demountable pods are ideal when space is limited and the installation of an entire bathroom pod, as a single unit, is unachievable. They are manufactured in sections and delivered to the site for reassembly, saving space, time and money.

Our bathroom pods  reduce the need for external contractors and come fully tested in accordance with BS EN 8558:2015 and BS EN 12056. Our rigorous testing scheme ensures our military bathroom pods are ready  to use and offer reassurance that a prefabricated pod solution is more than equal to a traditional, on-site built bathroom.

GRP Composite and Steel Structure Military Bathroom Pods

The military bathroom pods manufactured by Offsite Solutions are designed to make maintenance and cleaning as easy as possible, providing a hygienic solution for military personnel. Our GRP composite pods are not only cost-effective but also provide an exceptional level of water-proofing. They are lightweight and easy to install quickly and efficiently. GRP composite pods can be manufactured as a fully prefabricated unit or made using a demountable design for easy installation in refurbishment projects.

For a premium finish, steel framed pods are  ideal.The bathroom interior can be specified to suit individual requirements, incorporating a bath, shower tray or wet-room floor. Walls can be finished with ceramic, porcelain or natural tiles, floors can be fully tiled or vinyled, ceilings in waterproof GRP composite are recommended. Steel framed pods offer a robust, high-quality option for all sectors. This style of military bathroom pod is suitable for projects where design variation is limited, such as in military living quarters or standardised on-base housing. These pods are delivered as an entire unit and are appropriate for new-build projects where there is ease-of-access.

Bespoke Designs Available at Offsite Solutions

We have a library of bathroom pod footprints available to choose from or you may prefer a bespoke design which can be created for a unique military bathroom project. Our military bathroom pods are ideal for improving hygiene within military housing due to their easy clean and maintainable structures.

A clean bathroom can help boost the morale of any resident so be sure to call Offsite Solutions on 01278 780807 for more information. 

Assembling a bathroom pod for the military.

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