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Steel-framed Bathroom Pods

Steel-framed bathroom pods are prefabricated bathroom pods that are constructed using a welded steel box section as a base frame. An exception to this are pods specified as floorless or thin-floored.

The features of our steel-framed bathroom pods include:

  • Box section base frame boarded with 18mm tongue and groove exterior made from WBP plywood
  • Rigid base forming a stable platform for the pod through manufacturing, transport, installation and long-term use
  • Wall frames made from cold rolled galvanised steel ‘C’ section, double lined with 11mm OSB 3 and 12.5mm moisture resistant plasterboard
  • Self-tapping screws are used to fix both layers of sheet material to the inside of the frame
  • Fitted GRP composite ceiling panel to enhance the appearance and durability of the pod – this is for all Offsite modular bathroom pods whether they are GRP or steel-framed.

When completed the carcass provides an optimum balance of durability and weight, offering efficiencies in transportation of ease of manoeuvrability.

GRP Composite Bathroom Pods

Our steel-framed bathroom pods can have moulded GRP composite panels fixed to the welded steel box section. The GRP panels are suited for floor, wall and ceiling application.

The features of our GRP Composite pods include:

  • Manufactured from quality marine grade and WRAS approved resins and gelcoats
  • Wall and ceiling panels contain a Honeycomb Polypropylene core for it is fully waterproof, provides increased rigidity and is protected from delamination
  • The pod exterior is fitted horizontal strengthening battens and adjustable lightweight steel rails to facilitate dry lining fixing.

Our method of construction results in pod walls and doors which are plumb, meaning that integration of the pod is uncomplicated, allowing the use of standard door sets, without further work on-site.

Demountable GRP Pods for Projects with Restricted Access

Our award-winning demountable pod solution uses a unique sectional design where the shower tray forms part of the floor and the wall panels create the shower enclosure.

Features of our demountable bathroom pods include:

  • Completely vertical pod walls with 90° corners so integration is very simple because there are no tapered walls
  • Panel sizes are specially designed following a site survey to ensure full access for installation is achievable
  • Pre-drilled holes for sanitaryware minimises work on site. Only the shower door needs to be fitted
  • A wide range of wall finishes – tile effect, matt, gloss and feature recesses.

Steel Fabrication

In 2019, we acquired Taylor & Kilduff, a steel fabrication business. The company has a long history of supplying steel base frames to Offsite Solutions, which spans more than 15 years. It fabricates around 10,000 units a year for all types and variations of our steel-framed bathroom pods, as well as other steel components such as staircases and mezzanine floors.

By bringing the manufacture of base frames for steel-framed pods in-house, our customers benefit from complete security of supply. The Taylor & Kilduff  team  also holds significant leverages  in the steel fabrication industry. This is particularly valuable to accelerate the development and prototyping of new products at Offsite Solutions.

Production Process

Finishing Processes for Bathroom Pods

Once the pod carcass is in a rigid state it is moved to the fit out lines where the various finishing processes are carried out under rigorous quality controlled conditions: taping, tanking, tiling, first fix, painting, second fix, cleaning and final testing.

Specialist operatives are responsible for each different process ensuring every function is completed to an excellent standard.

Plumbing System Installation

The plumbing system used on most units is the Uponor multilayer composite (MLC) pipe with brass & PPSU press fittings. This pipe has a five layer composite structure of longitudinally soldered aluminium with an inner and outer layer of high temperature-resistant polyethylene permanently bonded together by intermediate adhesive layers. This combines the advantages of a metal and plastic pipe and eliminates the disadvantages of both materials. The aluminium core prevents oxygen ingress, reduces heat-expansion and gives form-stability for easy and safe installation. Connections are made using the patented Uponor press system and produces permanent watertight press, clamp and compression connections. Potentially complicated connections such as welding or soldering are not necessary. The longevity of this system has been tested and confirmed by numerous certification bodies across Europe.

Bathroom Pod Quality Control

Each pod is accompanied by its own specific set of quality control documents with pods checked at every stage during the process to ensure that any defects are picked up swiftly and resolved prior to the pod moving further along the production line.

This production process is extremely efficient enabling high volume production and advanced quality control.


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