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Don't just take our word for it! See what some of the UK's leading developers, architects and contractors have said about our offsite services

Emily Rix, Project Architect, Foster + Partners:

“This project suited bathroom pods very well as we limited the number of bathroom types to four. In our experience, pods are often superior in quality compared to site-based bathroom construction. Taking an offsite approach avoids having a number of different trades on site and at different times. We have a really good relationship with Offsite Solutions. The design time was very constrained, but their team ensured a fast and efficient turnaround with everything we needed.”

Joe Yusuf, Project Manager, Berkeley Homes:

“The use of offsite construction for the bathrooms gives us programme certainty, better quality and improved logistics. We do not have to procure and install all the individual elements that make up a bathroom, which means fewer trades on site. This is far more efficient, particularly for health and safety, and generates programme improvements.”

“Offsite Solutions is a British manufacturer, so we are benefiting from fast response times and a greater understanding of the UK market. Their team has been very helpful and proactive from the outset, with a can-do attitude to address any challenges. We have had a number of visits to their factory which is well run and a good set up.”

Leighton Aurelius, Project Manager, Canary Wharf Contractors:

“Bathroom pods give us the benefit of better quality control and ease of installation. Our requirement was for high specification bathrooms.  We have been impressed with Offsite Solutions’ factory, design team, logistics and pre-delivery testing. It is great to have the pods manufactured in the UK and the project is going very well. The service from Offsite Solutions has been faultless and second to none.”

Alan Pulver, Director, Crown Student Living:

“Our aim is to create an exceptional student experience which is reflected in our approach to bathroom construction. The quality of the ensuite shower rooms is definitely a significant factor in students’ choice of accommodation – which can be their home for up to three years. We have specified Offsite Solutions’ bathroom pods from our very first development – a refurbishment and conversion project in Bristol – and for every scheme after that. We have established a very good and positive working relationship with their team.”

“This use of offsite construction allows us to have every ensuite built to the same exacting quality standards. It also gives us the benefit of a much shorter programme than in-situ bathroom construction. There is no assembly on site, only M&E connections which are extremely efficient and fast. We like dealing with Offsite Solutions and would never consider traditional bathroom construction for any of our schemes.”


Graham Snowley, Contracts Manager, Hackwood:

“This is the first time we have used factory-built bathrooms and we have found them to be a brilliant solution. The approach really takes the pain out of bathroom construction. It saves a huge amount of work on site and we have been able to dispense with several processes. The quality of bathroom pods is superior and more consistent compared to site-based construction – the fitting of pans and basins, for example, is more accurate in a factory environment. The use of pods eliminates at least six different trades and reduces construction time for the bathrooms to just three hours for the service connections – a significant time saving.”

Nick Watkins, Development Director, Renaissance Retirement:

“The use of pods gives us certainty in both product quality and completion, and with no compromise on bathroom design and finish. The labour market, particularly for finishing trades, is very challenging for developers and contractors, particularly in the South East. The impact of these market fluctuations is completely removed if bathroom construction is carried out offsite. Offsite Solutions’ factory set up is impressive and their products are manufactured to a high standard.”

Chris Eke, Development Director, Charter Land:

“Offsite Solutions’ bathroom pods were recommended to us for use in the conversion of a commercial building into high quality student accommodation. Having involved their team from the earliest stage, pods then defined every aspect of this project, which was a critical factor in its success. As a result, the factory-built bathrooms generated significant time savings which were very beneficial as the project is for student living and so the completion date is absolutely critical.”

“Offsite Solutions were faultless in the delivery of this project and have gone way beyond our expectations. After such a positive experience of bathroom pods, we will never go back to traditionally-built bathrooms.”

Paul Miles, Head of Construction, Fusion Students:

“We think demountable pods are great. We have used them for office to student conversions where the bulk of pods are fully assembled but ceiling height restrictions in some areas make pods in a ‘kit form’ really beneficial. Demountables radically reduce work on site from 7-10 days for site-based bathroom construction to assembly in a matter of hours. In addition to the programme benefits, the quality control is much better and of factory standard. You cannot achieve this level of quality without offsite construction.”

“We have worked with Offsite Solutions for nearly a decade. They are a clear market leader. They work with us collaboratively where we need to vary our product offer to students and are committed to innovation. Their communications, reliability and quality control are all excellent. We have a very good working relationship with their team and at every level.”

Ian Packer, Senior Project Manager, ISG

“Building bathrooms on site for multi-occupancy buildings does not make sense in my view and I would always recommend a pod solution. The demountable pods are a clever way of overcoming any access issues to maximise off-site construction.”

“If bathroom pods are procured at an early stage in the design, the build-up will allow access. But we have had isolated areas of a building where access is just not possible – and also where accessible pods have been too large for the installation in a pre-assembled form. This is where demountable pods have been hugely beneficial. Speed on site with a sectional form is still much faster because the number of operations, trades and drying periods are reduced to just one company and a single assembly operation. Why have up to 7 different trades and 10-15 operations on site when you can have just one? There is less risk of programme delay and quality control is far greater, mitigating defects and remedial works.”

“And having extensive experience of traditionally-constructed bathrooms and both UK and European pod manufacturers, I would highly recommend Offsite Solutions for design, quality and service.”

Paul Godwin, Design Manager, Morrison Construction:

“Having the bathrooms arrive on site as a finished product gives us the benefit of a significant programme saving and this use of offsite construction means we need less labour on site, which is safer and more efficient.”

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