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Steve O’Leary, Regional Business Services Manager, Vinci Building:

“I have managed the procurement and delivery of around 3,500 pods manufactured by Offsite Solutions in the past nine years. Their approach suits VINCI Building’s model of student accommodation very well. They have robust factory testing processes in place which mean the quality is better and more consistent. In my view, Offsite Solutions’ pods are the best in their sector and I would not hesitate to recommend.”

“This solution reduces the numerous trades for bathroom construction to a single supplier, which results in a considerable time saving. Each bathroom typically takes around three weeks to construct traditionally, whereas with offsite manufacturing, we just have to position the pods, make connections, and hang the doors. This is incredibly fast.”

Chris Warren, Senior Operations Manager, Willmott Dixon – Cross Keys Homes, Peterborough:

“As a business, Willmott Dixon is committed to modern methods of construction and the benefits these bring in reducing carbon and increasing efficiency and certainty.”

“Bathroom pods generate less embodied carbon by optimising material use and reducing waste, vehicle movements, and labour on site. Fewer vehicle movements compared to in-situ bathroom installation also minimise disruption to the local community.”

“What would be complex sequencing for bathroom construction is reduced to a single supplier, reducing risk, and increasing efficiency. The process is simplified, safer, and far more robust by moving this part of the build offsite and into a factory.”

“This is the third time we have used this particular pod type, specification, and project team which has efficiency benefits and allows us to continually refine our processes. The pods are also contributing to an overall programme saving of around 30 per cent which reduces cost and allows a faster return on investment for Cross Keys Homes.”

“We have a good relationship with Offsite Solutions. Their team has a similar approach to quality and continuous improvement, and work with us in an open and collaborative way.”

Ryan Newman, Project Manager, Midgard:

“Having worked with Offsite Solutions previously, I fully appreciate the benefits of factory production for bathrooms. Offsite manufacturing generates programme reductions and means less activity on site so there are fewer trades and interfaces to manage. We will simply drop the pods into position for rapid service connections. We also expect quality to be better and more consistent because the bathroom fitout takes place under factory conditions.”

“This is Offsite Solutions’ first project with Midgard, and I am pleased to report that our experience so far has been very positive.”

James Phillips, Senior Technical Co-ordinator, Telford Homes – Perfume Factory:

“We are looking at increasing the use of offsite manufacturing for larger components. Bathroom fitout typically needs multiple trades. With pods, we work with one single company which simplifies procurement, improves efficiency, and radically reduces management time.”

“Because bathroom pods are pre-designed and manufactured using factory processes, there is significantly less waste compared to on-site fitout – which is more sustainable.”

“Pods just need to be considered at the early design stages to allow installation. From our perspective, the process has gone smoothly so far and visits to the factory allow us to review the bathrooms before delivery to site.”

Aurimas Vaitkus, Site Manager, Berkeley Homes – City Road:

“Bathrooms are one of the most challenging elements to build on a major residential scheme with so many different trades and subcontractors to procure, co-ordinate, and benchmark which takes a lot of management time. Accurate tolerances and high-quality finishes are also vitally important to achieving the required standard – and these are easier to attain in a manufacturing environment.”

“Specifying bathroom pods simplifies the process of internal fitout and reduces the duration of second fix. There is a huge saving in management time by removing the need to co-ordinate different trades on site. Offsite manufacturing is just a more efficient way of working and we estimate it was at least 20 per cent faster on this project than in-situ construction.”

“Offsite Solutions has performed well at every stage. Their team was responsive with excellent communications and their logistics were outstanding, delivering this project ahead of programme, despite unavoidable changes to the delivery schedule caused by bad weather.”

“The quality of their pods is very good – and having worked with Berkeley Homes previously, they understand the high standards we work to. They showed exceptional knowledge of compliance, specifying pipework and fittings which meet both NHBC standards and facilitate connection on site. Having pods manufactured in the UK also makes it easier to visit the factory and resolve any design issues at an early stage.”

Mark Howe, Project Director, Moda Living:

“We are looking forward to bringing our best-in-class, professionally-managed homes for rent and the Moda brand to the people of Glasgow. Our experience of working with Offsite Solutions on other schemes has been very positive, with consistently-high quality standards, the efficiency of offsite manufacture, and exceptional programme management.”

Matt Haggerty, Architectural Director, Ryder Architecture:

“This new neighbourhood will play a significant role in revitalising Glasgow’s city centre, with its focus on delivering the luxurious internal and external living environments synonymous with the Moda Living brand. The use of bathroom pods will bring the process-driven efficiencies of offsite manufacturing and enhanced quality but with no compromise on design.”

Helena Tsiantes Jansson, Senior Forward Fund Development Manager, Grainger plc:

“We fully support the use of offsite manufacturing and for the bathrooms, it gives us the unique opportunity to check the pods in the factory before going into full production. This allows us to review the design detailing and make any minor changes, which is just not possible on site.”

“Following our recent visit to Offsite Solutions’ factory, we were very impressed with the quality of the finishes, particularly the grouting and tiling. The quality was spot on and will result in a better quality product for our residents. Fitting out the bathrooms in a factory which has much more space and light than on site, definitely impacts positively on quality. It is also much easier for us to deal with a single supplier for the bathrooms.”

Nawed Khan, Senior Project Manager, UCL Estates Development:

“Pods are a really good way of achieving the very best utilisation of space as well as consistent high-quality standards. This project suited offsite very well as all the shower pods are identical and so have the repeatability required to maximise production efficiency.”

“We visited the Offsite Solutions factory and liked what we saw – and are very happy with their approach and the process of working with their team to fine tune the pod design and finishes. Access for future maintenance is an important issue, particularly when space is at a premium. Offsite Solutions’ expertise helped us to achieve that and really added value to the project. They helped us to maximise the limited space in the shower room which will definitely benefit our students.”

“A recess and glass shelf above the toilet is a space efficient alternative to a bathroom cabinet and the addition of a much larger mirror and wood-effect vinyl flooring really lift the interior design. This is an important major project for UCL and we want the accommodation to be very much home from home for our students.”

Andrew Parker, UK Director of Projects, Moda Living:

“We are thrilled that construction of Moda, The Lexington has completed. Liverpool is a fantastic city with so much heritage and we have worked hard to create a neighbourhood that celebrates all of its history and culture. We’ve seen that vision realised throughout the construction process, but we look forward to welcoming our new residents in the coming weeks to bring this thriving new Liverpool neighbourhood to life.”

“We are particularly proud to have delivered this project during the Covid-19 pandemic. The dedication of the on and offsite teams kept The Lexington moving and it is thanks to their hard work that the building has been safely delivered on time.”

Mark Stuart, Managing Director, Hotel La Tour:

“We wanted a high degree of consistency for the bathrooms across the hotel in both quality and detailing to ensure they are exactly as specified. This is much easier to achieve with a pod solution.”

“Bathroom pods also gave us the opportunity to review a finished shower room before production started. We visited the Offsite Solutions factory a number of times as part of the collaborative design development process. Being able to experience the look and feel of the bathrooms at first hand was extremely valuable. It allowed us to check the finishes, detailing, quality and position of the fittings with our customers in mind – such as the precise height of mirrors, basins and shower controls.”

“This will be a 4* plus business hotel, so we wanted a contemporary feel throughout. It is also really important the design detailing of the bathrooms reflects our typical customer, for example, with more spacious showers.”

Russell Sullivan, Project Manager, Winvic:

“Using a manufacturing approach for the fitting out of the bathrooms allows us to achieve a higher and more consistent standard of quality which can be difficult to realise with multiple trades and operatives working on site. During the Covid19 pandemic, it was even more important to reduce the number of people needed on site, particularly when working in such confined spaces as bathrooms. Offsite manufacturing helped us to do this.”

Keith Whitmore, Head of Development, Design and Construction UK, URW:

“A key driver on Cherry Park was to use offsite construction as far as possible to create efficiencies, support our Better Places 2030 CSR programme, and to contribute to safer working environments by reducing numbers on site.”

“The Offsite Solutions team has been responsive to all our design requirements with a high level of engagement at every level, and working with them has been seamless despite the complexities of this project and working through the pandemic.”

Wayne Catterall, Project Manager, Bowmer and Kirkland - Grainger Milton Keynes:

“Pods are a brilliant solution, which avoids the need to distribute multiple bathroom products and materials across eight floors. The bathrooms only need to be moved once into their final position. This is far easier to manage, avoids any risk of damage, and delays to the bathroom fitout programme are highly unlikely because of the greater certainty of factory production.”

“We visited the Offsite Solutions factory as part of the design development process. Their operations are well organised, and we were able to inspect the first pod with the client, prior to starting deliveries to site, which was beneficial.”

Trevor Bonnage, Operations Director, Mace Developments - student schemes in Oxford, Exeter and Cardiff:

“Pods are an ideal solution for student schemes to speed up construction and improve quality. A major development for student housing contains an incredible amount of plumbing. To replace the bathrooms with a single ‘product’ makes much more sense.”

“We like Offsite Solutions’ products and particularly their GRP pods which have a moulded tile-effect finish. This feature makes a huge difference to the pod aesthetic and avoids any issues with ceramic tiles needing replacement over time. We have to have complete confidence in the quality and water tightness of the bathroom pods. I can report that Offsite Solutions have demonstrated this on all three schemes.”

Dan Doyle, Operations Director, Willmott Dixon – Perry Barr Regeneration:

“The benefits of using offsite manufacturing for a project of this scale are unmatched. In one day, we can install around 20 bathroom pods. Traditionally this would involve a number of trades and take several weeks. For our customers, bathroom pods mean additional project certainty and added programme benefits, along with assured quality. The benefits don’t stop there. The use of the pods helps to reduce the project’s carbon footprint while also supporting the compliance of Covid-19 safety guidance on site.”

Anna Evans, Project Director, Lendlease – Perry Barr Regeneration:

“We are pleased to see the innovative use of bathroom pods at Perry Barr. This is another excellent example of the work taking place to ensure this development will be completed efficiently, safely and sustainably.”

Mark Neale, Senior Design Manager, Galliford Try:

“Bathroom pods are an ideal solution for a residential development of this scale. This use of offsite construction reduces the programme and the number of trades on site – from plumbers to tilers and plasterers – and provides the level of quality we need because of the extra control you can achieve in a factory.”

“Offsite Solutions has a flexible approach and was able to offer us a more bespoke solution for the bathrooms and shower rooms to accommodate the client’s specific requirements, such as door widths and locations. The pod specification was upgraded to include a number of enhancements such as the addition of porcelain feature tiles and a high-quality shower and brassware. We visited the factory with the client which was very useful. It is an impressive set up.”

Jason Hyett, Director, Rightacres Property:

“We needed little persuading of the advantages of applying offsite construction and a manufacturing process for the bathrooms on this development. The floorless option is an innovative solution to ensuring continuous level floors throughout the apartments. From our initial factory visit, we were impressed by the way Offsite Solutions approached the design process and their flexibility to accommodate our precise requirements at every stage. The first pods look great and we look forward to all the units being delivered to site later this year.”

Simon Pritchard, Senior Design Manager, ISG:

“Where there is a high degree of repetition in the bathroom layouts, pods are the ideal solution. The use of offsite construction reduces the number of fit-out trades on site and gives us the benefit of a much faster build programme. We have used Offsite Solutions’ pods on other projects and have found the quality of bathroom manufacture in a factory is consistently improved.”

Angus Kearin, Head of Development, urbanest:

“Building bathrooms offsite for multi-occupancy buildings such as student accommodation makes really good sense in our view, particularly in the centre of London. Maximising offsite construction saves a huge amount of work on site and allows us to dispense with several processes. The quality of bathroom pods is superior, and delivery is consistently on time and on budget.”

“We have worked with Offsite Solutions very successfully on a number of our projects. They collaborate with our design and construction teams to give us exactly the right product offer for our students. Their logistics and the reliability and quality control of their pod manufacturing process are unparalleled in the market.”

Tony Clark, Commercial Director, Zeal Hotels:

“We decided with our construction partner Midas that bathroom pods for these two projects were the way forward. The use of offsite manufacturing for the shower rooms brought a level and consistency of quality that is extremely difficult to achieve with in-situ construction. The pods for both schemes were designed at the early stages so the bathrooms are manufactured before work started on site. This approach worked very well.”

Neil Lewis, Senior Project Manager, Midas:

“Midas has used Offsite Solutions’ bathroom pods extensively and for 16 projects to date – from hotels to student accommodation. In addition to the quality benefits, pods reduce time on site, involve less subcontracted labour and less supervision of trades. These factors all contribute to improved efficiency on site.”

Derek Mullarkey, Construction Manager, BCEIGI:

“Bathroom pods give us the benefit of simplified logistics, reducing the number of subcontractors on site by around six trades. The consistent and superior quality of pods is a huge advantage. Quality is often the biggest issue with in-situ fit out on major apartments projects. This then causes issues at handover because of the different skillsets involved in bathroom construction. Offsite Solutions’ pods are very good quality and their organisation for site delivery has been exceptional – consistently on time and with excellent communications. Their approach has been thorough in every area.”

Chris Powell, Project Director, Anthology:

“As with all our projects, the bathrooms and ensuites for the Hale Works have a luxurious but understated feel with carefully-selected materials and a simplicity of design to achieve the quality of finish we are looking for.”

“The principal reason for specifying a pod solution for this project was to alleviate the issue of space restrictions on site for both materials and labour. Moving construction of the bathrooms entirely offsite and into a factory is a huge benefit for a tower scheme such as this. We found it very useful to visit Offsite Solutions’ factory and the advance manufacture of some pods allowed us to prototype the specification and benchmark quality.”

Paul Williams, Senior Design Manager, Wates Construction:

“Bathroom pods give us the benefit of a consistent level of finish, improved quality, and fewer materials and trades on site which mean less management supervision and the need for fewer site facilities. When specifying bathroom pods, we require consistency in the build up of the pod walls and ease of access to M&E connections for ongoing maintenance. I am pleased to report that we have had a very positive relationship with Offsite Solutions throughout the design development phase.”

Ryan Davies, Director, Llanerch Vineyard Hotel:

“We wanted a high standard of aesthetics for the new hotel bedrooms and suites which have been carefully designed to our exacting requirements. Pods were recommended to us as being faster on site and good quality.  We think the new bathrooms are just fantastic and exceptional quality. They are low maintenance and installation was very straightforward with no trades on site and simple connections for plumbing and electrics. The Offsite Solutions team was flexible, open, helpful and organised throughout in their approach to working with us. This really was a great experience from start to finish.”

Oliver Gardiner, Development Director, Mace:

“Pods are a brilliant solution for our student projects. As a business we are committed to modern methods of construction, which includes pod technology. Pods give us the benefit of fast and efficient bathroom installation combined with fantastic quality ensuites for an outstanding student living experience.”

“The Offsite Solutions team was easy to work with and highly flexible at every stage. As part of the product development process, they manufactured a sample pod for us to experience at first hand which was very beneficial.”

Alan Pulver, Director, Crown Student Living:

“Our aim is to create an exceptional student experience which is reflected in our approach to bathroom construction. The quality of the ensuite shower rooms is definitely a significant factor in students’ choice of accommodation – which can be their home for up to three years. We have specified Offsite Solutions’ bathroom pods from our very first development – a refurbishment and conversion project in Bristol – and for every scheme after that. We have established a very good and positive working relationship with their team.”

“This use of offsite construction allows us to have every ensuite built to the same exacting quality standards. It also gives us the benefit of a much shorter programme than in-situ bathroom construction. There is no assembly on site, only M&E connections which are extremely efficient and fast. We like dealing with Offsite Solutions and would never consider traditional bathroom construction for any of our schemes.”

Emily Rix, Project Architect, Foster + Partners:

“This project suited bathroom pods very well as we limited the number of bathroom types to four. In our experience, pods are often superior in quality compared to site-based bathroom construction. Taking an offsite approach avoids having a number of different trades on site and at different times. We have a really good relationship with Offsite Solutions. The design time was very constrained, but their team ensured a fast and efficient turnaround with everything we needed.”

Joe Yusuf, Project Manager, Berkeley Homes

“The use of offsite construction for the bathrooms gives us programme certainty, better quality and improved logistics. We do not have to procure and install all the individual elements that make up a bathroom, which means fewer trades on site. This is far more efficient, particularly for health and safety, and generates programme improvements.”

“Offsite Solutions is a British manufacturer, so we are benefiting from fast response times and a greater understanding of the UK market. Their team has been very helpful and proactive from the outset, with a can-do attitude to address any challenges. We have had a number of visits to their factory which is well run and a good set up.”

Leighton Aurelius, Project Manager, Canary Wharf Contractors

“Bathroom pods give us the benefit of better quality control and ease of installation. Our requirement was for high specification bathrooms.  We have been impressed with Offsite Solutions’ factory, design team, logistics and pre-delivery testing. It is great to have the pods manufactured in the UK and the project is going very well. The service from Offsite Solutions has been faultless and second to none.”

Graham Snowley, Contracts Manager, Hackwood:

“This is the first time we have used factory-built bathrooms and we have found them to be a brilliant solution. The approach really takes the pain out of bathroom construction. It saves a huge amount of work on site and we have been able to dispense with several processes. The quality of bathroom pods is superior and more consistent compared to site-based construction – the fitting of pans and basins, for example, is more accurate in a factory environment. The use of pods eliminates at least six different trades and reduces construction time for the bathrooms to just three hours for the service connections – a significant time saving.”

Nick Watkins, Development Director, Renaissance Retirement

“The use of pods gives us certainty in both product quality and completion, and with no compromise on bathroom design and finish. The labour market, particularly for finishing trades, is very challenging for developers and contractors, particularly in the South East. The impact of these market fluctuations is completely removed if bathroom construction is carried out offsite. Offsite Solutions’ factory set up is impressive and their products are manufactured to a high standard.”

Chris Eke, Development Director, Charter Land:

“Offsite Solutions’ bathroom pods were recommended to us for use in the conversion of a commercial building into high quality student accommodation. Having involved their team from the earliest stage, pods then defined every aspect of this project, which was a critical factor in its success. As a result, the factory-built bathrooms generated significant time savings which were very beneficial as the project is for student living and so the completion date is absolutely critical.”

“Offsite Solutions were faultless in the delivery of this project and have gone way beyond our expectations. After such a positive experience of bathroom pods, we will never go back to traditionally-built bathrooms.”

Paul Miles, Head of Construction, Fusion Students:

“We think demountable pods are great. We have used them for office to student conversions where the bulk of pods are fully assembled but ceiling height restrictions in some areas make pods in a ‘kit form’ really beneficial. Demountables radically reduce work on site from 7-10 days for site-based bathroom construction to assembly in a matter of hours. In addition to the programme benefits, the quality control is much better and of factory standard. You cannot achieve this level of quality without offsite construction.”

“We have worked with Offsite Solutions for nearly a decade. They are a clear market leader. They work with us collaboratively where we need to vary our product offer to students and are committed to innovation. Their communications, reliability and quality control are all excellent. We have a very good working relationship with their team and at every level.”

Ian Packer, Senior Project Manager, ISG:

“Building bathrooms on site for multi-occupancy buildings does not make sense in my view and I would always recommend a pod solution. The demountable pods are a clever way of overcoming any access issues to maximise off-site construction.”

“If bathroom pods are procured at an early stage in the design, the build-up will allow access. But we have had isolated areas of a building where access is just not possible – and also where accessible pods have been too large for the installation in a pre-assembled form. This is where demountable pods have been hugely beneficial. Speed on site with a sectional form is still much faster because the number of operations, trades and drying periods are reduced to just one company and a single assembly operation. Why have up to 7 different trades and 10-15 operations on site when you can have just one? There is less risk of programme delay and quality control is far greater, mitigating defects and remedial works.”

“And having extensive experience of traditionally-constructed bathrooms and both UK and European pod manufacturers, I would highly recommend Offsite Solutions for design, quality and service.”

Paul Godwin, Design Manager, Morrison Construction:

“Having the bathrooms arrive on site as a finished product gives us the benefit of a significant programme saving and this use of offsite construction means we need less labour on site, which is safer and more efficient.”

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